About International Law Blog

International Law Blog was established in 2014 by a group of doctoral students whose paths first crossed at Middlesex University of London. The blog hosts peer-reviewed scholarly contributions on a variety of topics in the areas of International, Transnational, European and Comparative law.

An International Law Blog is now an established reality in the field. The contributions published on the blog are read by over 1000 visitors every month, and they are regularly cited in academic articles, policy papers and judgments of international courts.

Call for blog posts

International Law Blog is launching a symposium of weekly publications on the subject of “International Law and Migrations”, to be posted from June 2019. We aim to provide academics and practitioners with a platform for discussion of, inter alia, the following topics:

– Criminalization of undocumented migrants;

– Human smuggling and trafficking as international crimes;

– Refugee law;

– Non-refoulement;

– Law of the sea;

– EU external borders control;

– Dublin regulation.

The list is not exhaustive and we welcome contributions on other relevant aspects under the general topic of “International Law and Migrations”.

The published contributions will be collected in an online dossier and discussed in an academic workshop on International Law and Migration, to be held in February 2020 in London.

Submission Guidelines

Abstracts of proposed contributions (200-400 words) should be sent to intllawblog@gmail.com , accompanied by a short bio or CV of the Author(s). The deadline for receipt of abstracts is 17 May 2019.  The Coordinating Board will invite the selected Authors to proceed to draft the contributions so to start the publications in June 2019.

Submissions should be the original and unpublished work of the contributor.

Authors are advised to keep their contributions concise and precise: to meet the format of the blog, these should ideally not exceed 1500 words.

All the relevant sources should be hyperlinked within the article itself, or quoted (OSCOLA standards apply).

Co-authorship is allowed.

All selected papers will be posted on the blog according to the schedule established by the Coordinating Board. They will subsequently collected in a special online dossier and will constitute the basis for the 2020 academic workshop.

Thinking of submitting a paper but not sure if it would be a good fit? Send us an email at: intllaw.blog@gmail.com, we are happy to discuss it with you.

Image: Guernica 2015, Javcho Savov